Xpriori and Orcatec Announce Reseller Agreement

Xpriori to sell hosted services for document analysis

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado and ATLANTA, Georgia – August 16, 2011 – Xpriori has been selected by OrcaTec as a reseller of OrcaTec’s Document Decisioning Suite™. The Suite will be offered as part of Xpriori’s product and service mix as a cost-effective Software as a Service (SaaS) web-based application. The product will support early case assessment and content review and will be deployed from OrcaTec’s proven and secure, trusted data center. 

Under the agreement, Xpriori will offer OrcaTec Document Decision Suite on a worldwide basis, initially focusing on legal, analysis, corporate governance and compliance, litigation and risk applications. The companies are committed to work cooperatively in areas of customer support, marketing and sales to provide an outstanding customer experience.

OrcaTec’s Mark Hayward, vice president of sales states, “The OrcaTec Suite is a revolutionary product that perfectly addresses the market needs for increased productivity and quicker informed decisions – in the face of higher stakes and exponentially growing volumes of information. We’re excited to have Xpriori as a key reseller to expand our market reach, particularly since their core technologies and target markets are synergistic with OrcaTec.”

“We see Xpriori as an almost transparent extension of OrcaTec and its products,” explains Tim Dix, co-founder, chairman and CEO of Xpriori. “We are pleased to offer this phenomenal technology and product. It is truly best in class. We know that it will have an immediate impact on our customers’ real-world cases and projects They will use OrcaTec to gain important results and move quickly to decisions at a lower overall cost.”

Core Technology and Benefits

The Suite, developed by the “father of concept search,” OrcaTec’s CTO and chief scientist, Dr. Herbert L. Roitblat, enables conceptual search based on a proprietary predictive coding technology, and renders the results in an array of graphical user interfaces that allows experts and investigators to quickly gain knowledge of patterns, relevance and insights to create more refined searches. In most instances, the OrcaTec Documement Decisioning Suite can reduce the time, cost and effort of analyzing, categorizing and retrieving documents from large collections – which can reach terabytes or petabytes – by as much as 93%. Using OrcaTec for early assessment and review greatly improves quality and reduces cost.

As a long-term product and service provider to this market, Xpriori’s Dix notes: “OrcaTech does most of the exploratory and conceptual work now done manually and required for effective Boolean searching on a large scale document data set. This provides an advanced and labor saving approach for even the most sophisticated and experienced content reviewer. It will not only save time but will assure the most complete review and analysis available.” According to Dix, client benefits include:

  • Initial review done on a machine basis offers initial review and analysis that is more complete than can be done manually even by the best people and it does it fast – more than 1000x faster than humans
    • Reduce guessing on right words to search
    • Search suggestions returns lists of custodians, domains, words and phrases
    • near duplicated identification
    • Email threading – disclosing social and communication networks
    • All results presented visually so that important categorization, classification and clustering are disclosed and give the reviewer a more accurate view of the dataset
  • Predictive coding techniques enable the attorney and expert to select documents of relevance and allow OrcaTech for find more documents of relevance with the least amount of manual effort
  • Detailed audit trails make the process transparent and allow assignment of documents to reviewers without specialized knowledge of a topic

OrcaTec’s Document Decisioning Suite

The Suite uses a visual interface to allow analysis and investigation of terabytes, and even petabytes, of documents, was developed by the “father of concept search,” OrcaTec’s CTO and Chief Scientist, Dr. Herbert L. Roitblat. The software can simultaneously process millions of documents, removing irrelevant information quickly and easily until only the relevant remains.

“The OrcaTec Document Decisioning Suite is different than anything in the market today in a variety of ways,” explains Roitblat. “It can, for instance, look at all the emails produced by a Fortune 500 company in a year, and find all the documents relevant to a single concept – without the reviewer knowing in advance what that concept is. It’s all about math, statistics and sampling, without the user needing to understand any of those things.”

The OrcaTec Document Decisioning Suite consists of three tools working together: 

  • OrcaCategorize uses advanced predictive coding – machine learning, and a small amount of expert time to aid that learning – to cull responsive documents from huge collections in a timely and cost-effective manner.
  • OrcaSearch provides visual representations of concepts and communication patterns, as well as word suggestions, misspelling suggestions, email threading, near-duplicate detection, and interesting phrases that the searcher may not have considered in order to find relevant documents.
  • OrcaCluster provides visual clustering of documents by related topic, enabling the searcher to identify and tag responsive and non-responsive groups of documents quickly and easily.

“OrcaTec can be a massive cost-saver,” declares Roitblat. “In eDiscovery, for example, corporations can replace a warehouse full of attorneys doing first pass review with just one reviewing lawyer. And in risk management, the investigative, predictive technology can flag potential problems as they occur.”

Roitblat continues, “Any time there are large numbers of documents being reviewed, the Document Decisioning Suite will shatter timeframes by creating a demonstrably faster review cycle with extraordinary accuracy.”

OrcaTec LLC

Atlanta-based OrcaTec delivers products and services for visually, defensibly, and automatically revealing information that is precise, insightful and expert-driven from large collections of documents. Beyond key word searching, the topic-based OrcaTec Document Decisioning Suite™ is especially useful in eDiscovery, GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance), or anywhere documents have to be identified, categorized, or understood. Included in the Suite are OrcaCategorize, OrcaSearch and OrcaCluster. Visualize a new concept in document decisioning at www.orcatec.com or call 888-355-2200.

Xpriori, LLC

Xpriori is a privately-held company headquartered in Colorado Springs, CO. The company has developed proprietary technologies, products and services for the eDiscovery, compliance and review markets since 2006 as well as for XML-based data management. It will offer the OrcaTech Document Decisioning Suite as part of its offerings. Discover more about Xpriori’s new offering at www.xpriori.com or call 719-210-5318.

OrcaTec Document Decisioning Suite is a trademark of OrcaTec LLC.