Technology Unifies Process, Access and Sharing of Information

We spent the last couple of weeks interviewing a number of prospective customers about their needs and environments. We found what we had suspected to the case with most companies: that existing technology environments and skill sets made it difficult for Records, IT and GC/Compliance personnel to work together to resolve access, use and discovery on large blocks of unstructured information.

Our Xpriori advanced data similarity clustering technologies can help significantly to resolve this problem for the greater productivity of each of the stakeholders and the overall profit of the company. We have a new presentation of our technology and approach that can bring people together .

Download Recent Xpriori Presentation: Automated Classification, Information Extraction and Technology Assisted Review

We process documents agnostically and without a need to identify content for particular purposes early on. We are language agnostic. Records and IT no longer have to guess at how to get at content. We identify it all for review and disposition.

Here is what we can do for you:

  • Automate collection of information from all possible sources;
  • High speed scanning and routing for paper documents requiring classification and review;
  • Automated  indexing/classification to clusters of all information for review and disposition; initial cull of clusters by looking at a few like documents rather than reading them all; in a small recent case, 60,000 documents were reduced to 2,000 clusters for privilege review—end result only 3% of documents needed to be read for privilege;
  • Single instance and persistent editing and error correction to make sure that value references and entries are correct;
  • Drill down with any form of text/language based search;
  • Work with existing storage but we find a cull from legacy information of as much as 85% to 95% is typical, so you can often pay for a large part of our efforts from reduction in storage costs;
  • Scale to any size dataset and process as fast as 240,000 documents per hour.

All stakeholders benefit and the information can be shared effectively for all purposes. Visual Similarity Recognition is new but has been adopted by a number of Fortune 500 companies. 

Let Xpriori help bring Records, IT, Information Governance and GC/Compliance together around a single technology and approach.

For more information: call me at 719-210-5318 (cell) 719-425-9840 (office); email

Tim Dix, CEO
Xpriori LLC

About Xpriori

Xpriori is a privately held company headquartered in Denver and Colorado Springs, CO. The company has developed proprietary technologies, products and services for the eDiscovery, compliance and review markets since 2006 as well as for XML-based data management. Xpriori offers the BeyondRecognition™ Visual Similarity and Clustering technologies, OrcaTec Document Decisioning Suite™ and other proprietary and leading eDiscovery solutions. Learn more about Xpriori and at

Contact Tim Dix, CEO, Xpriori LLC at 719-210-5318 (cell) 719-425-9840 Ext. 2# (office) for more information, arrange a demonstration or discuss your needs and requirements.