Xpriori Insight™ for analytics, heuristic analysis and data mining

Xpriori Insight™ is a powerful ad-hoc information exploration, discovery, and analysis tool. Combined with Xpriori’s XMS native XML database, Insight leverages patented pattern processing technology to enable highly interactive drill-down/drill-around exploration and analysis of data. Insight’s ability for processing large amounts of information in a timely manner (on-the-fly, actually) heightens the relevance of knowledge extracted through analysis.

With traditional data management and analysis tools, important aspects of recorded information often remain unknown due to database complexity and lengthy analysis cycles. Insight uses advanced mathematical algorithms to perform empirical analyses of your information and discover significant patterns and correlations without requiring a-priori knowledge of what you want. During analysis and discovery, Insight accelerates your work with highly interactive graphic charts. User friendly configuration wizards allow you to fine tune your analyses while you work.

Insight can track data as it is fed into the data store. Once you have identified what you believe are important correlations in your information, Insight keeps you informed of relevant events with customizable gauges on an executive dashboard.

Feature Highlights:
  • Information analysis for business and technical users
  • Access stored information with zero programming
  • Highly interactive drill-down/drill-around and analysis
  • Interactive and customizable graphic charts
  • Customizable gauges created from drill-down and analysis results
  • Gauge-based alarms can trigger events, such as send an email, run a script, and more, when used with Xpriori’s Gauge Server
  • Automatic database schema discovery
  • Information import from multiple sources, such as XML, CSV (comma separated values) and relational databases for query, discovery, and correlation

With Insight, an end-user can explore all information in an iterative, intuitive and visual way in real time with no database programming required. No data cubes need be created. The product supports highly interactive drill down/drill around analysis, which, in turn, enables ad-hoc exploration and on-the-fly analysis of heterogeneous data sets such as corporate sales data, public and industry data to the discovery of significant patterns, relationships and behavior. Once the initial analysis is completed, users can monitor scenarios on the fly with customizable gauges on executive dash boards.

The analysis is empirical. Coupled with XML enabled forms from Adobe and Microsoft, one moves immediately from data gathering to analysis. There is no need for an expert to create hypotheses; one can rely on what the correlated data indicates directly.

Business users are able to query their information without the involvement of technical personnel. They can discover factual correlations and business intelligence that would require significant time, technical expertise and expense with IT personnel when using traditional Online Analytical Processing (“OLAP”) methods and tools. Users need not have significant a priori domain knowledge. They can discover important aspects of information that have remained unknown because of database complexity and the inability to analyze data and metadata relationships dynamically. Through it all, there is no need for any database programming or design — NONE!