Unleash the Power of XML with XMS™

XMS: Fully Transactional DBMS

XMS is a completely self constructing native XML database solution. XMS is robust, fully featured and mature. It serves as an Information Management System for native XML. Users implement XMS because they can use information in ways that are new, accommodating applications that were previously thought to be unachievable. XMS is built on Xpriori’s patented digital pattern processing technology (DPP), which supports the persistence and management of XML.

XMS supports 24x7 operation, offering auto-growth and hot backup. Other features include tight integration with popular front-end application platforms and XML development tools. Supporting Windows, Windows .Net, Solaris, and Linux platforms, XMS is available in standard and enterprise versions and is offered to be embedded in third party applications as well.

XMS removes barriers:
  • Object and relational DBMS do not conveniently support aggregation of data from heterogeneous sources; XMS does.
  • Object and relational DBMS require the use of complex integration schemes to synchronize and maintain multiple databases to achieve unified views; XMS does not.
  • Other DBMS require use of multiple OLAP cubes to support multilayer and complex queries of a statistical or mathematical character; XMS does not.
XMS eliminates bottlenecks:
  • XMS uses native XML structure for dynamic and iterative queries and eliminates the need to store XML elements separately.
  • Metadata can be created, stored and managed in the same fashion as data without having to presage all of the fields that one might want to deploy.
  • With XMS, no database design is required…NONE.
  • With no database design requirement, true Rapid Application Development (RAD) is supported. -XMS allows an iterative approach to application development; add fields at will.
  • XMS can query and analyze data as soon as it is received and it can receive data from heterogeneous sources;
  • XMS can process large amounts of data on the fly, increasing relevancy and timeliness.

XMS is FREE FOR DEVELOPMENT under a DEVELOPMENT SERVER License. (Call for License Key) Click HERE to download XMS FREE TRIAL