Unleash the Power of XML

  • Develop advanced and unique infrastructure solutions with DPP
  • Create advanced correlations and change views of information without the complexity of multiple relational databases or data cubes and complex table joins
  • Improved database engines that can truly provide not only effective openness, security, automation, and scalability, but also the ability to store and manage complex content of unknown structure


  • Information Management System for Native XML
  • Supports Windows, .Net, Solaris and Linux Platforms
  • Standard, Enterprise and Embedded versions

XML Information Repository

  • Smart repositories without database modeling
  • XCM - Appliance for any workgroup, business or enterprise
  • XMS - OEM software for structured & unstructured digital assets

Consulting Services

  • Expert decision support for ECA, eDiscovery and GRC
  • Application development using Xpriori core technologies
  • Data analysis support using Xpriori Insight and heuristics