XCM™ Appliance — smart repository for content review, processing and analysis for eDiscovery and GRC

Xpriori FirstCull for ECA of file types, email headers and deNISTing

Xpriori XCM™ (Xpriori for Content Management) is a knowledge base and/or content management solution designed for professional firms. XCM can be employed in a variety of business settings and for a variety of business intelligence, content management, eDiscovery and knowledge building situations.

XCM enables small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) and corporate workgroups to leverage unstructured information left unmanaged by traditional tools. XCM combines Xpriori’s core technology and substantive content, document management and enterprise search capacities for:

  • Aggregation of content/documents into smart repositories for business intelligence
  • Discovery of all document content and metadata using powerful search capabilities
  • Management of unstructured data
  • Dynamic creation and management of metadata
  • Replication and reuse of work product
  • Use of ”Research Folders” for organization of content and collaboration around projects
  • Use of “Annotation” feature to build knowledge and context for documents to improve overall understanding
  • Use of One Click Extraction Tool to move files from Research Folders to your hard drive or elsewhere on the network
  • Improved efficiency of knowledge workers and customer service
  • Improved workflow and coordination of documents
  • Content based access control
  • Creation of an actionable knowledge base around projects and areas of expertise

In contrast to mere storage of documents on a file server, XCM leverages the information stored within managed documents to reveal vast amounts of previously hidden tacit information. It stores, manages and enables full and complex text searches of virtually all popular document types, including email and scanned image text documents. Research Folder features speed the aggregation of information in to a single place. The aggregation is virtual in character and does not require drag and drop of documents from one place to the next. Annotation features include the creation of annotations – as long and detailed as the user desires – and the annotations are permanently associated with selected documents or folders. Annotations can be assembled and searched separately as well.

XCM is sold as a non-intrusive appliance. XCM copies all designated network information into the XCM repository and indexes the content to allow complex searches, easy addition of metadata, automated OCR of image files, and the copying of email from the exchange server into searchable store. Installation is fully automated. Users can be in full operation within a day, with little or no disruption on their workflow during that time.

XCM’s installation and update of information is automated. Transfer agents automate the copy, migration and indexing of legacy data; identification and OCR of image files; copy, migration and indexing of emails and attachments; and the update of new information when added to the file server or exchange server. The ROI when compared to manual systems is extraordinary.

  • Knowledge workers will no longer have to spend 40% of their time looking for documents and relevant information.
  • Corporate work product does not leave with departing professionals.
  • Stored information is in a live archive, allowing quick responses to customer inquiries.
  • Project leaders can monitor email and information transfers, and organize large volumes of information quickly.
  • Users can eliminate irrelevant information quickly and add third party information to files for later search and use.