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Nexidia Audio-Video Search Gets Bulk Tagging, Redaction, More Speed

Predictive Coding Based Legal Methods for Search and Review

* Rand Corporation endorses the use of predictive coding

* Peck, Parties and Predictive Coding (2012) Combined PDF of Key Documents Highlighting Judicial Consideration of Predictive Coding through the Lens of Da Silva Moore v. Publicis Groupe & MSL Group, No. 11 Civ. 1279 (ALC) (AJP) (S.D.N.Y).

* Reducing the Risk of Post-Merger Discovery Surprises in M&A

* Training of Predictive Coding Systems Fosters Debate

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* 3rd Circuit Slashes $360,000 in Recovered EDD Costs in 'Race Tires'

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* Lessons Learned From Predictive Coding in 'Da Silva Moore'

* OrcaTec reinvents eDiscovery from data collection through production

* N.Y. Panel Adopts 'Zubulake' on Bearing Costs in Discovery

* Core Concepts of New ESI Guidelines for Criminal Law

Judge Peck Issues Opinion on Computer-Assisted Review

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DOJ Lays Down the Law on Criminal E-Discovery Protocols

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* Hope for Reversing Commoditization of Document Review? By Robert W. Trenchard and Steven Berrent

* Judges' Guide to Cost Effective e-discovery By Anne Kershaw and Joe Howie

* Mandating Reasonableness in a reasonable inquiry By Patrick Oot, Anne Kershaw, and Herbert Roitblat

* Document Categorization in Legal Electronic Discovery: Computer Classification vs. Manual Review by Herbert Roitblat, Anne Kershaw, & Patrick Oot

* In-House Approach: Corporate Lawyers Say E-Discovery Software, Savings Are There