FirstCull — Our Process

FirstCull deploys a fully automated feature set. It performs multi-faceted analyses of unstructured information. FirstCull:

  • Identifies and reports the number of files present in the data set
  • Categorizes and numbers files according to extension type, source and custodian
  • Identifies all e-mail messages from PST and Lotus NSF files
  • Analyzes e-mail attachment files
  • Identifies and reports files that will require optical character recognition (OCR)
  • Automatically assesses contents of most commonly user container files
  • Operates without user intervention
  • Deploys a user friendly interface

FirstCull makes it easy to understand the makeup of a data set. Once the details of that information are assessed, users can better decide what unstructured information to process; whether loading it to a discovery and review tool, into a general content management system or some other system.