Powerful tools for faster decisions

  • Xpriori's products are competitively priced and offer comprehensive solutions for identification and collection including early data assessment, content review, analysis and processing
  • Xpriori hosted solutions for ECA, content review and audio search and analysis avoid costly CAP-X and enable direct billing to projects
  • Xpriori consulting services are market-priced and preferred by recognized experts

Hosted ECA and Content Review

  • OrcaTec Document Decisioning Suite: Full automated, technology assisted review for ECA and Content Review, Analysis and Processing
  • Dramatic reduction in documents requiring manual review

Automated Search and Review on Audio

  • Nexidia ESI: Proactively review, monitor and quickly produce audio files for legal discovery/compliance
  • Search (Boolean principles) directly on audio without transcription to text; 35+ languages

Xpriori eDiscovery Products

  • FirstCull: Automated assessment of file types, email headers, file status, dupe analysis, OCR needs before loading to repository
  • XCM eDiscovery Appliance: Automated loading from source, free text indexing & search, OCR, intuitive UI and operates behind firewall