Products & Hosted Services

Xpriori enables the easy use of both structured and unstructured information to be employed in intelligent, innovative and profitable ways. Solutions based on Xpriori are dynamic and enable users with the freedom to leverage their information to build real business intelligence using their information assets to effectively meet their needs. 

Available directly or through Channel Partners, Xpriori has developed products and technologies for use by both End Users and Developers. They have been created with the Company’s patented core technology and rely upon XMS, the native XML DB and management system. In addition, XPriori offers web-based hosted SaaS services through reseller agreements with leaders in content and audio review and analysis.

Advanced Data Similarity Based Clustering -Document classification and data extraction with visual simularity clustering

OrcaTec – Web-based hosted SaaS for technology-assisted review & analysis with predictive coding

Nexidia– Web-based hosted SaaS for sophisticated phonetic audio search in over 35 languages (no conversion to text required)

Xpriori XMS™ (MyXMLdb) – XML DB and Management System
Xpriori XCM– GRC and eDiscovery
Xpriori FirstCull – First Cull / First Pass eDiscovery and Early Case Assessment
Xpriori Insight – Powerful N-Dimensional Business Intelligence Analytics

Xpriori innovation - powers business intelligence.


Product Overviews (pdf downloads)

 Xpriori Product Overview

 OrcaTec Document Decisioning Suite™ datasheet

 OrcaTec ODS-100 Appliance™ product brief

 Nexidia Audio Discovery OnDemand™ product brief



FirstCull™ product brief