Xpriori’s products empower enterprises and workgroups of all sizes from small to medium sized businesses to large, world class and governmental organizations. Xpriori’s products are sold direct, through resellers, VARs, SIs and general contractors. Xpriori technology can be found as an OEM embedded solution as well.

Xpriori is focused on the following markets:
XML Database

Our core technology, Digital Pattern Processing and an XML Database called XMS, deliver solutions and supports applications for:

  • OEM and Embedded Opportunities for XML Applications and Information Retrieval
  • Database Management Systems (DBMS) or XML DB
  • Business Intelligence
  • Knowledge Management (KM),
  • Content Management and Content Delivery
  • XML Metadata based management
  • e-Discovery and Index and Search
  • Information Repositories
  • Heuristic based Data Analytics
  • Automatic creation of Correlations and Correlation Data
  • Information repository services
Small to Medium Sized Business (SMBs)

With XMS, SMBs can economically face new compliance requirements. Reduced cost of hardware, increased computing power when coupled with Xpriori XMS and related solutions make complex compliance applications affordable..Advanced content management services, enterprise search, eDiscovery and correlations can now become core components in your now high performance workplace.

With Xpriori, small firms can compete effectively with larger companies and can now do so even where complex content services and content delivery is required. Xpriori enables small law, engineering, medical, insurance, and many other types of professional firms to gather and analyze large amounts of information. No longer does this task require numbers of professional employees to manually gather and analyze information. Xpriori products provide a significant competitive advantage and enhance business capabilities. Unified information management can become reality.

Large Business / Governmental

Xpriori products support large businesses, corporate workgroups and governmental organizations with support and solutions to create and manage various data sets to repositories for compliance, development, sales, production and R&D efforts. Xpriori’s products enable easy content aggregation, collecting data and information from disparate sources for various functions, such as information discovery, correlation, business intelligence, content analytics, data analytics and development. Content and data analytics require no data cubes and come directly from native xml as stored.

Development Community

Xpriori technology can be used to easily develop powerful and flexible products, enabling developers to build dynamic applications that can leverage the inherent semantic qualities of XML. Because Xpriori XMS, the Company’s native XML database, is entirely self constructing, it eliminates database programming and design and frees application developers to concentrate all their efforts on application development. Developers literally can save seventy percent (70%) of their development time, while developing solutions and using the XMS database that accommodate changes to fields on the fly without the need for rebuilding the database or application.