Predictive Coding Based Legal Methods for Search and Review

Source: Blog post by Ralph Losey

Does Predictive Coding Spell Doom for Entry-Level Associates?

Source: Law Technology News

Virginia Court Order – Good First Step Toward Legal Adoption of Predictive Coding

On April 23, 2012 Judge James H. Chamblin of the Circuit Court of Loudoun County, VA, issued the first known order authorizing the use of predictive coding methods over the objections of opposing counsel. This ruling will enable the defendants in Global Aerospace Inc. v. Landow Aviation Limited Partnership, et al., No. 61040, and nine other consolidated cases, to use predictive coding technology to cull large quantities of electronically stored information (ESI), distilling them down to a reasonable volume.

Peck, Parties and Predictive Coding (2012)

To understand Technology Assisted Review (“TAR”), it is important to understand the overall objective of the eDiscovery process: to identify, collect and process data into cognizable sets of information relevant to the various issues posed by a lawsuit, compliance activity or the like.

Reducing the Risk of Post-Merger Discovery Surprises in M&A

Source: Chris Ruggeri and Bart Siegel, Corporate Counsel, March 29, 2012

Training of Predictive Coding Systems Fosters Debate

Bottom Line: Garbage In, Garbage Out

Source: Evan Koblentz Law Technology News March 27, 2012

Da Silva Moore Plaintiffs Slash and Burn their Way Through eDiscovery

The following article was written by Herbert L Roitblat, Ph.D  and it relates to the Plaintiffs in the Da Silva Moore Case.

March 25, 2012

3rd Circuit Slashes $360,000 in Recovered EDD Costs in 'Race Tires'

This ruling makes the case for deploying First Cull from Xpriori. FirstCull is an early case assessment (ECA) and smart-analysis tool designed to analyze unstructured information.

Source: Saranac Hale Spencer - The Legal Intelligencer - March 22, 2012

What is Predictive Coding?

So what is Predictive Coding?

Eastern District of Texas Issues Model Order for Patent E-Discovery

Source: Mark Michels, Law Technology News, March 6, 2012

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